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Having fun with @cotswoldflour this weekend!

Both of these are 600g loaves

Left is 80% Cotswold Crunch, 20% Cotswold Wholemeal 75% water 19% sourdough

Right is ⅔ Cotswold Canadian Great White ⅓ Cotswold Wholemeal 80% water 18% sourdough

I think next time I’ll use the Cotswold Crunch as a mix in rather than a base but the flavor is really nice, not overly malty like I thought it might be. Probably could have used more water too.

The ⅔ ⅓ loaf could have used more water too. It was easy to work with and made a tasty loaf!

All in all it’s nice flour. I killed a bag of their pizza flour in about 2 days. Finished off the dough from that tonight with some 72 hour pizza and it was amazing.

Now that I’m sold on @cotswoldflour I’m going to do a giveaway with them 👏👏. It will be UK only and I’ll have the details soon!

Hope you had a good weekend!

PS, random… I joined Reddit today. Look me up u/_rosehillsourdough and find me in r/sourdough and r/uuni ✌️
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