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Got my 172 year old #sourdough starter Nonna up and running again to make some #grandmapizza

On the last update of the ebook I dropped in a grandma style #pizza recipe (page 54) because it’s by far the easiest kind of pizza to make.

You don’t need any special equipment, just a pan and a regular home oven.

Dough wise it’s not too wet, but wet enough to learn how to start handling wetter dough.

Toppings wise you can’t go wrong. Toss whatever you have on it! Since there’s no peel and no launching, you can put whatever you want on it. Hot ingredients. Heavy ingredients. You can spill sauce off the side. No worries.

And for all these reasons it’s the best pizza to make with kids. Here’s my daughter enjoying her creation tonight. Olive oil, granulated garlic, shredded mozz, fresh mozz and yellow onion finished with lime and cilantro. This was her pick! And it was awesome!

The recipe makes 2 9×13 pan pizzas.

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Made with @cotswoldflour pizza flour
Baked in @lloydpans
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