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First bake in the @challengerbreadware came out pretty good!

(Well it’s really the second bake, I got excited and tried to cram 2 600g ovals into it the first time 😬. Whoops)

This was a 1000g oval which I VERY rarely get to bake.

I have an awesome large oval basket from @flourside_ but I haven’t had anything large enough to fit that size loaf, until now 💪

This @challengerbreadware cast iron is a beast. It’s big and heavy (in a good way) yet super manageable.

You can tell it was designed by a baker. 6 handles? May seem overkill to some but man they are so well placed and are very convenient.

This loaf was a little experimental (mixing some different whole grain flours) and I need to get used to handling 1000g of dough again, a huge jump from my typical 500g rounds and 600g ovals. It was 35% wholemeal, 80% water, 18% #sourdough. I’d like to see a little more spring, but I’ll chalk that up to the loaf, not the pan.

I’m looking forward to doing some back to back baking in it. Next weekend I’ll hit it with at least 3 loves back to back (1000g oval, 2x 600g ovals) and really experience the difference the thermal mass of this pan really makes.

So far, nothing but rave reviews from me!

Nice work @challengerbreadware !

Proofed in @flourside_ large oval
Scored with @wiremonkeyshop ARC
Baked in @challengerbreadware 👌
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