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New Post!


This was my bake today and PERFECT timing for my new content!

We’re pausing the $50 weekly photo contest for a week and doing a best fails contest instead.

Post a photo with your #sourdough #fail and tag me and in the post say something like “help @rosehillsourdough” and #failingwithrosehillsourdough

I’m not surprised at the negative connotation the word failure has. Like many kids, I was taught failure was a bad thing, not something to strive for. But I’ve learned in any creative endeavor, it’s those folks who shift their mindset from failure being the end of something to failure being the beginning of something that are truly unstoppable.

So, let’s see those fails!

Winner of the contest will get a 1:1 video call with me to work out the kinks in the recipe or technique that’s giving them issues.

Today my fail taught me to not try and overload my @challengerbreadware 😂😂

1 at a time Mike! Lesson learned 💪
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