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New Post!

My daughter starts P1 in September.
She gets to start bringing lunch with her to school 😭

This insanely cute image of my daughter walking to school with her little lunch pail prompted me to make a new #sandwich #bread #recipe

This is an enriched version of the “tin loaf” recipe in already in the ebook.

I love tin loaf as it has great flavor but it’s not that classic white sandwich bread we all know and love.

It’s not quite ready yet, but I’ll put it in the new version of the ebook when it is along with the 3 new whole-wheat bread recipes, the New York style white pizza recipe, the scones, and the snickerdoodles.

The draft of the new version tipped 100 pages, which was my goal before I’d start considering a price increase or a potential print version.

As a note, any current owners will get the new ebook version for free, regardless of price increase.

Print version?
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