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#veganuary #pizza 🤤

I first made this pizza a couple years back and I haven’t made it in soo long. Which is a shame. Because it’s amazing.

Inspired from the “onion obsession” sandwich from @seattlepaseo, a sandwich shop that came highly recommended when I first moved to Seattle from my number one restaurant recommender @steadfastaznheart .

This pizza is baked with just garlic olive oil and jalapeños then topped with a tonnnnn of caramelized onions. 2 yellow onions on this 14” pizza. A ton. Top those with some cilantro, a squeeze of lime, and a bunch of cashew cream.

The #cashewcream #recipe is on page 57 of the ebook. For a nice garlicky hit, add a couple of the garlic cloves left over from the garlic olive oil when you make the cashew cream.

I’ve also got a YouTube video on @oonihq ‘s channel. I’ll toss up a story with the link!

It’s so good. Give it a try!
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