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50% wholemeal
85% water

Last #wholewheat #sourdough post for a while, I promise 😂😂

This was me just dialing in the amount of water to use for my flour when doing 50% bread flour and 50% wholemeal, the Duffy as I call it (named after @matthewjamesduffy aka the king of 50% whole-wheat)

I’m working on a few wholemeal #recipes for the ebook. One will be 100% wholemeal, one will be 50% wholemeal, and one will be a “choose you own adventure” #recipe where I talk about the functions I talked about in previous posts on how to determine how much water and sourdough to use based on how much wholemeal you want to have in your bread.

That choose your own adventure recipe will have you make 2 loaves of bread. One at the recommended amount of water and one at 5% more water. I’m going to use it as a way to show how so little water can effect your bread in a big way.

This loaf was at 85% water following the same procedure as the loaf 3 posts back which was 80% water. I think I’ll end up somewhere right between 80% and 85% for the final recipe as I feel 85% was maybe just a tad too much water.

I update the ebook with these kinds of recipes from time to time and all ebook owners get those updates for free!

proofed: @flourside_ small oval
scored: @wiremonkeyshop arc
baked: @brovn4bread
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