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50% #wholewheat #sourdough

If you look at the previous post, I have some tips for working with 100% wholemeal #sourdoughbread. Today I’m going to talk about 50% and really just working with wholemeal in general when #baking.

The tips below will eventually be added to the ebook over a series of recipes (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0% wholemeal)

I always use at least 20% wholemeal in my loaves. The amount of flavor you get in the #bread from even just a bit of wholemeal is so much deeper than what you get with just white flour, and it’s more nutritious as well.

As I said in the last post, 100% wholemeal is really hard, but 20% is very easy to work with, heck 50% isn’t really that bad.

Here’s a little formula for you to use as a first start for working out how much water and sourdough to use when trying to add more wholemeal flour to your mix. Remember, you want less sourdough and more water as you increase the amount of wholemeal in the recipe.

This is a little bit less water than I normally use, but if you look back a few posts you’ll read about my recent struggles with my bread flour. Luckily, this function is super easily modifiable to fit your go to recipes.

Water% = 0.2*(wholemeal%) + 70%
SD%= 22% – 0.1*(wholemeal%)

Example 1: 100% wholemeal
Water = 90%
SD = 12%
(That’s what I did for the loaf in the last post)

Example 2: 50% wholemeal
Water = 80%
SD = 17%
(That’s what I did for the loaf in the photo)

As I mentioned, this is less water than I’d normally do. At 20% wholemeal this function would put me at 74% water, which is about 4% less than go to when my flour is behaving.

To modify the function to work for your go to recipe just change the +70% to match whatever you’ve had success with. Say for instance it was my go to 20% wholemeal and 78% water loaf. My function would then be
Water% = 0.2*(wholemeal%) + 74%
so when I plug in 20% wholemeal I get back 78% water.
The sourdough function is based off this 20% wholemeal recipe (20% sourdough for 20% wholemeal) so I didn’t change it but it’s also very easy to modify for your go to as well.

Why use less sourdough when using more wholemeal? We’ll cover that in the next couple posts!
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