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What a year huh?

With all the negativity that surrounded this year I wanted to take a minute and express some #gratitude

Thank YOU

This #rosehillsourdough thing didn’t start in 2020, but it did take off this year. In most part to the release of the ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough which my wonderful wife deserves an amazing amount of credit for. Thank you 😘

And to you who purchased the ebook. Incredible. Thank you so much! Because of you, we’ve donated nearly $8,000 this year to amazing causes and more than 1200 people were gifted a free copy of the ebook when I ran my “buy 1 give 3 “campaign 🥳🥳🥳

The money I have kept after operational costs has helped my wife and I break the sub $100,000 mark with our student debt which is a huge milestone for us! We’re seeing the light at the end of this (long) tunnel. I’m so grateful to everyone who’s purchased the ebook for helping us with this 🙏

So many of you hopped on the #sourdough train 🚂🚂 in 2020 and now have a life long skill. Pat yourself on the back! Heck even @barackobama made sourdough in 2020!

This year was rough, but if the rosehill fam is a small cross-section of the world, we took some time to slow down, take stock, and learn a new skill. I think we can be grateful for that.

Thank you everyone!! Here’s to an amazing 2021!

👋 ✌️👌✌️👌

🙌 ✌️👌✌️👆

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