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My wife and I got on @masterclass recently and have gone through a number of food classes including @ottolenghi ‘s

@ottolenghi is one of our favorite chefs and his cookbooks are incredible. I think we have them all 😂

Here is his marinated feta.
“🤤” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

This feta on freshly baked @rosehillsourdough Wowza

Bread was 50/50 @cotswoldflour Canadian / 8 grain flour. 80% water. 3% salt. 54% sourdough using the rhsd 2 method. (Recipe in ebook)

I’m eating it right now with a glass of wine. I think we may finish the jar tonight 😂😂
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I had some folks asking how I shape my #pizza after balling so here’s a quick and snappy video of how I shape and top my pizza.

When I do a low n slow technique to mimic a deck oven when making New York style or similar style pizzas, I like to add semolina flour to my dredging flour as I like the little bit of extra crunch. So here, that’s exactly what I did.

I hit the dough ball with a little 00 flour and semolina flour then flipped the dough over so the smooth side of the dough is down. I always do this. I put my smooth side down and build on the seam side. I find it helps prevent sticking.

So smooth side down then I use my fingers to press it into a round then pop it on my floured peel. Then continue to press down to stretch into a circle. I’m not really pressing out too much, just down.

Then onto the backs of my hands. No finger tips up or you’ll get holes. I tell people pretend like you’re a monster trying to scare someone and make monster claws. That’s what you want your hands to look like. No big spinny spinny here but it doesn’t mean you can’t if you want to. Just gentle stretches outward then a little spin to rotate about 90 degrees and repeat until it gets the size that you want.

This was a roughly 330g dough ball and that’s a 14” pizza peel.

Then toppings! Here crushed tomatoes with salt, granulated garlic, and oregano. Then shredded mozz and grated parm. Then off to the @oonihq #oonipro for a 6 minutes low and slow #woodfire bake. Then hit with some pesto to finish.

Easy as that!

Made with @cotswoldflour 00 flour using my Neapolitan recipe mod from the ebook.

(Yes Neapolitan dough, NY technique. Shout out to @pizzainthesac for this method)

Music: My Go Away Dream
Musician: Not The King.👑
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Whipped up this little number in @oonihq #oonipro

Man, nothing beats #woodfired 🔥🔥

Olive oil, granulated garlic, yellow onion, shredded mozz, @pearls_olives, and finished with a few dollops of pesto.

On a #sourdough base made with @cotswoldflour 00

Recipe in the ebook!

My daughter always gets the first slice 😂
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I love watching my daughter dimple #focaccia 😭 her little hands.

This is the first one she did all by herself and she did an amazing job!

If you haven’t made the focaccia yet, dang, #makethefocaccia

And make it with your kids!

I ended up topping this one with granulated garlic and some fresh rosemary from the garden. Oh and duh @maldonsalt

First time with granulated garlic. It was awesome. Man I love granulated garlic!

the #recipe for this fluffy #sourdough focaccia is in the ebook
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Want some of my #sourdough?

My buddies at @ryesandshinesourdough sell my starter (in live form, not dried like others) in North America.

They maintain in to my specifications, keep it healthy, and seal and ship it every week all over the US and Canada.

So if you ever want to get some #rosehillsourdough, grab some from my friends at @ryesandshinesourdough

Every so often I like to do a #giveaway for my #sourdoughstarter to let people know how to get it and to give someone a chance to win it!

Pretty easy one, just follow me, follow @ryesandshinesourdough and comment below that you want a starter! If you tag a friend and you win, I’ll send them one too! Heck, I’ll do it for up to 5 people. So tag away! One comment will be chosen and the commenter and up to 4 tagged folks will win my sourdough!

Good luck!

Winners will all need addresses in US and/or Canada 🇺🇸🇨🇦

My sourdough is fed at 100% hydration (typically 1:2:2) with half bread flour and half wholemeal flour.
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Let’s do a #giveaway 🥳

@cotswoldflour kindly #gifted me there Ultimate Bread Box – 10 bags of premium flour and I’ve been baking my way through and so far I love them.

I smashed the pizza flour in a day. Amazing dough from that. Stretchy, crispy, and chewy.

I’ve been using the Canadian Great White for bread and it’s almost gone. I’ve mixed it with both the Stoneground Wholemeal (always get stoneground flour if you can) and the Cotswold Crunch (next photo is that 80/20 mix. My wife said it was the best bread I’ve ever made. The flavor was incredible!) I made pizza with the 00 today and it was super strong dough! I also made sandwich bread with the Strong White and the dough was fantastic. I’m so excited to try the others. And now you can too!

To enter:
1. Follow me & @cotswoldflour
2. Like this post and tag a friend who could use some decent flour!

Good Luck!
Winner must have a shipping address in the UK 🇬🇧

I’ll announce the winner in my stories next week!
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New Post!

Last recipe for the new version of the ebook is done ✅

Soft, buttery, #sourdough #sandwich #bread

Peer review is back from this sandwich bread recipe and the feedback has been awesome!

One of the testers said “best sourdough bread I’ve ever baked” 🤯

I’m telling you, this sandwich bread is amazing and so simple. It’s a killer same day recipe as it only takes about 6 hours start to finish and you only touch the dough 3 times! Once to mix/knead, once to do a quick fold, and one last time to put in the loaf tin. Then the rest of the time it’s just fermenting away. 45 minutes to bake and boom, fresh, amazing, sandwich bread. Adios store bought bread (and your terrible plastic bags) 👋

Working on the new version of the ebook now and it should be out in a couple weeks.

New recipes are this sandwich bread, 100% wholemeal, 50% wholemeal, and a “choose your own %” wholemeal with explanations on how to choose how much water and sourdough to use. Also the scones and snickerdoodles!

Oh and hads up, 3 giveaways this week 🤯

1) my monthly giveaway of my actual sourdough starter from my friends at @ryesandshinesourdough (did you know you could buy my sourdough starter? Now ya do! (US / CAN only)

2) @cotswoldflour ‘s Ultimate Bread Box – 10 bags of premium cotswold flour 🥳🥳🥳 (UK only)

3) $50 weekly photo contest! (Mr. Worldwide)

Have a great week everyone! So looking forward to getting this recipe in your hands!!

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New Post!

Loving this @cotswoldflour 🥳

This was 80% Canadian White, 20% Wholemeal, 80% water, 18% sourdough, 3% salt and 100% amazing to work with.

The dough was so pillowy and soft when folding and shaping. So delicate. And the flavor was just so nice!

I brought dough in to work today along with my @challengerbreadware. You should have seen it seatbelted in my back seat 😂

I’ve been loving the flour they #gifted me so I’m finalizing a giveaway with @cotswoldflour for my followers in the UK for the end of this week so stay tuned!

The technique I followed here will be outlined in a new version of the ebook (v6) which will be out in a few weeks time. I’m finishing up a few new recipes to be included. The new ebook will just tip 100 pages 🤯 that’s 3x v1 and 100x easier to read than my old google doc. Some OGs here who remember that 😂😂😂

Lots of good stuff coming soon from rhsd! Your feedback on the last post about wanting more video and how tos was heard loud and clear!

Watch this space!

Made with @cotswoldflour
Proofed in @flourside_ small oval
Scored with a bare razor because I forgot my @wiremonkeyshop ARC 😂
Baked in @challengerbreadware
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How I ball my pizza dough!

If you have the room in your fridge, do this before cold proofing.

If you don’t have the space (like me!) then cold proof as one big ball and then portion and ball like this.

This is a great way to ball when you have irregular shapes, a triangle wedge here after spilling a larger ball in 3. This works for every shape. Just keep pinching and pulling opposite corner a in to the center until you have a round shape. Then flip and use the tension from the dough sticking to the counter or prep board to pull into a smooth ball.

You’re going to want let your dough balls rest before turning them into pizza. Cover with a wet towel and allow to sit until room temp (4-5 hours maybe more if it’s cold). This allows the dough to have a final proof and make it easier to stretch. If you balled after the fridge, it also gives time for the dough to heal the breaks you put in it when dividing.

I feel like there are so many of these videos so I’m reluctant to add to the noise but if you find them helpful I’ll keep doing them. Helpful?
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New Post!

Having fun with @cotswoldflour this weekend!

Both of these are 600g loaves

Left is 80% Cotswold Crunch, 20% Cotswold Wholemeal 75% water 19% sourdough

Right is ⅔ Cotswold Canadian Great White ⅓ Cotswold Wholemeal 80% water 18% sourdough

I think next time I’ll use the Cotswold Crunch as a mix in rather than a base but the flavor is really nice, not overly malty like I thought it might be. Probably could have used more water too.

The ⅔ ⅓ loaf could have used more water too. It was easy to work with and made a tasty loaf!

All in all it’s nice flour. I killed a bag of their pizza flour in about 2 days. Finished off the dough from that tonight with some 72 hour pizza and it was amazing.

Now that I’m sold on @cotswoldflour I’m going to do a giveaway with them 👏👏. It will be UK only and I’ll have the details soon!

Hope you had a good weekend!

PS, random… I joined Reddit today. Look me up u/_rosehillsourdough and find me in r/sourdough and r/uuni ✌️
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