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Another #pineapple on #pizza covert today 🥳

I was told one of my coworkers didn’t like pineapple on pizza so I whipped up this little number to change his mind.

Olive oil base. Shredded mozz. Grated parm. Pepperoni. Pineapple. Jalapeño. Cooked in an @oonihq and finished with lime juice and cilantro. All on my #neapolitan style #sourdough pizza dough.

This was his first slice. It wasn’t his last 😉

The roping combo was inspired from a pizza one of our designers @will0thomas made at work once that is still a top 10 all time pizza for me 😙👌

#pizzadough #recipe in the ebook!

@mattadlard and @mozza_fella you’re next
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🚨this is a BIG deal!🚨

I used to package and sell my sourdough culture from my house in Southern California but since moving I haven’t been able to get it up and running again.

Until TODAY!

Starting today if you are in CANADA or the USA, you can get live liquid #rosehillsourdough #sourdouggstarter from my friends at @ryesandshinesourdough 🥳🥳🥳

I’ll toss a link on my stories and there’s a link on my website.

Since it’s fresh starter, and every single one is packed by hand, he’s limited to 25 a week. Orders go out on Mondays!

If you’ve been wanting some rosehillsourdough starter, this is your chance!

If you’re in the UK, I’m working on it 😉
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English muffins vs crumpets

These are crumpets. They are made from a batter. They are made using crumpet rings.

Up until about a year ago, I thought crumpets and English muffins were the same thing. Whooops. That was my first (far from last) British food faux pas.

The funny thing is these crumpets were supposed to be English muffins. Butttt I forgot about them 😑

Yesterday morning I started some English muffin dough from the recipe from my ebook (

My wife had made a comment about how we hadn’t had English muffins in a while so I figured I’d whip some up for Sunday morning breakfast!

So I made the dough. I got through I think the 3rd or 4th fold even. Then I totallllly forgot about them until about 30 minutes ago when I found the dough in the cupboard above my stove. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

It would be kind to call it “dough”. It was so overprooved that nothing could be done. All structure was lost. Ideas like “I could rescue it” and “it could still be a focaccia” quickly disappeared the more I tried to form the goopy mess into a ball.

Then. Bing! 💡Light Bulb! Crumpets. They’re basically English muffins right 😂😂😂

I mixed in 75g of milk, 3g of baking soda, 6g of baking powder, and 15g of maple syrup. Totally winged it.

You know what? They’re pretty good 😂😂

I wouldn’t recommend using this method to make crumpets, but I would encourage you to always be resourceful. Adapt. React. As much as baking is science, a lot of time, it’s just improv. You’ll be surprised how quickly you learn to trust you gut when you’ve done these recipes a few times.

Oh and no crumpet rings? You’re fine. These also made killer pancakes.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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74% water overnight #autolyse recipe looking 👌 and tasting 🤤

80% bread flour
20% wholemeal
74% water warm water
30C dough temp intro the fridge for a 10 hour overnight autolyse
4C dough temp in the morning
24% sourdough
2.4% salt
5 hour bulk with folds every 45 minutes
1 hour bench rest

Overnight rest in my oval @flourside_ basket

Scored with my @wiremonkeyshop UFO

Baked in my @brovn4bread

Just delicious with some salted butter and homemade apple and blackberry jam from a friend.

If these percentages are confusing, check out my post on baker’s percentages a couple posts back and give my ebook a read.

The full recipe will get added to the ebook soon and all current owners will be able to update to the new ebook for free!
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Friday night is pizza night here at Casa Rosehill

1) olive oil, granulated garlic, shredded mozz, goat cheese, sage, and cracked black pepper. Finished with honey and thinly sliced green apple. A fall favorite and 100% 🤤

2) red sauce, shredded mozz, basil (tip: use high fat low moisture shredded mozz, it browns but doesn’t burn)

Both about 330g dough balls. Both 60% water (the Neapolitan style #recipe in the ebook). Both cooked #lownslow in @oonihq #koda16

The sage is from my friends at @missgoodherbs . It’s INCREDIBLE

Happy #friday everyone!
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I was so generously #gifted a @brovn4bread about a month ago and I have been using the HECK out of it.

This thing is KILLER.

I think technically a @brovn4bread would fall under the baking cloche category.

Simply put, it’s a container to bake in. A surface to launch the bread and a cover to trap steam while it bakes.

But unlike other baking cloches the @brovn4bread has this BEAUTIFUL glass top that allows you to watch as the bread bakes. The base is steel and HEAVY so it adds some thermal mass to your oven to maintain temp.

I’ve been getting great bread out of this and have made loaves of various shapes and sizes. In this is a 600g oval (from my previous post) but I’ve done 1000g boules in this as well.

Honestly my favorite thing about this baker are the gloves 😂. They are awesome. They have these little silicone pips on the surface that make taking the top off during baking super easy.

I’m a fan.

It also makes great bread storage for after baking, and I need to experiment with it as a baking steel for pizza making too.

rhsd approved!

Not an ad. Just a fan!
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Live view of most new bakers figuring out baker’s percentages

Don’t worry! Baker’s percentages are actually super easy. Everything is just relative to flour. Flour is 100% always. Using different flours? They add up to 100%.

Everything else, water, salt, oil, butter, sourdough, seeds, mixers, everything, is compared to the amount of flour.

72% water means however much flour I use by weight, I use that amount multiplied by 0.72 and that’s how much water I use by weight.

Baker’s percentages make it super easy to make and scale any recipe and it’s the also quickest way to share recipes.

In addition, my favorite part about baker’s percentages is using them to figure out how much of each ingredient to use when I all I know is the final target dough weight.

As an example, I have a great proofing basket from @flourside_ that calls for a 600g loaf.

Say I take the #recipe for the loaf pictured here

80% bread flour
20% wholemeal
72% water
24% sourdough
2.4% salt

Say all I had was percentages and I didn’t know the final dough weight or any ingredient weights and I wanted to make a 600g loaf. All I have to do is add up all the percentages and divide 600g by that sum to find one “part”.

add up all percentages = 198.4%
198.4% = 1.984
600g/1.984 = 302g

so each “part” is equal to 302g

80% bread flour = 302g x 0.8 = 242g
20% wholemeal = 302g x 0.2 = 60g
72% water = 302g x 0.72 = 217g
24% sourdough = 302g x 0.24 = 72g
2.4% salt = 7g

And just like that I have a recipe for 600g loaf. 598. Close enough 😂

See! Easy! Get to know baker’s percentages, they’re your best friend!

More stuff like this in the ebook!
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Time to vote!

1, 2, or 3!

1) #everythingbagel
2) #sesame #bagel with honey wash
3) olive oil, granulated garlic, mozzarella and pepperoncini

4) bonus shot of the inside of 3 🤤

The #sourdough bagel #recipe is in the ebook and on YouTube!

I’m telling yah!
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