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I’m out this week so I’m taking the opportunity to highlight folks I like the follow on IG.

Here’s @pizzainthesac

His name is Mike and he’s a home pizza maker out of Sacramento California.

He’s also a #sourdough guy 👌

He earned his was to becoming an @oonihq ambassador by using his oonis in creative ways and making bomb pizza. He’s a good person to ask how to do low-n-slow style pizzas on your #ooni

He’s also a member of the @pizzaiolotribe, a worldwide group of pizza makers (also worth a follow)

He’s 100% worth a follow if you’re an Ooni owner or a #sourdoughpizza maker!

Have a great week everyone!
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New Post!

some #sourdough #foccacia dimpling from yesterday morning

I won’t stop telling you to #makethefocaccia even if you’ve made it 1000 times. Make it again. 😂

I’m going quiet for a few days, enjoying some time with the fam so if you don’t hear back from me that’s why. If you have a question, make sure you check the FAQs in the ebook!

Have a nice week everyone!

Bake it a great one!
🤦‍♂️uhh that’s cheesy. I need a better tag line than that.

Any ideas?

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New Post!

some windy #pizza making last night on @oonihq #koda16 but the wind is no match for this beast 💪

48 hour #sourdough crust using the Neapolitan #recipe alt from the ebook

Solid 14” pizza, and a bit thicker crust. This was a 330g dough ball.

Cooked low-n-slow

Stone temp was about 350C (660F) when launched. Cooked for about 6 minutes without a flame / low flame combo.

@pizzainthesac calls this the NeoNY, but NeaNY might be more accurate although doesn’t have the same ring 😂. A Neapolitan dough baked with NY style times and temps.

This one was topped with olive oil, shredded mozz, granulated garlic (my newest favorite topping), and pepperoncini (my oldest favorite topping 😂)

This whole rhsd thing started from a love of pizza. So if you haven’t made the pizza dough recipe yet, please do. It’s the first sourdough recipe I made and is great in your home oven (even better in an Ooni 😉)

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I just love it when a plan comes together 💪

Here is the (hopefully) second to last bake on the “high hydration” “open crumb” recipe development

Next test (last one 🤞) I’ll dial in the overnight #autolyse temp.

Reminder, I’m doing a overnight refrigerated autolyse starting with warm water to activate enzymatic activity but chilling to prevent too much.

I’m doing this to avoid kneading or mixing of any kind to develop gluten strength and instead letting nature do the work.

This one was a little warm (32C) going in to the wine fridge set to 7C so I assumed it would be overly extensible and guess what? It was overly extensible 😂 hypothesis verified 💪

Next attempt will be still at 32C going in but I’ll go in to my normal fridge which will bring the temp down quicker and avoid some of this extensive enzyme action.

I added a few folds early to even out the crumb, which worked as planned, every 30 minutes for 2 hours after mixing in the culture. I also let it come up to temp in a warm oven during this time. Then hourly coil folds. At 6 hours it’s shaped and popped in my @flourside_ proofing basket and right in the fridge for a 24 hour cold proof.

80% bread flour
20% wholemeal flour
86% water
20% sourdough
2.8% salt

I’m expecting a better oven spring out of the final #recipe. Stay tuned!

Btw, if none of this makes sense: can help 😂
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New Post!

want to pursue a little #slowness ?

try #sourdough

I’ve got some videos that will help on my website

if you want to dive in deeper, I have an ebook #bakingwithrosehillsourdough

Some other great accounts to follow making great content and sharing what they love:

And I know I’m missing so many more!

We’re here to help ✌️

I’ve asked a few of you this question in private and I’ll hope you’ll answer below in public. Has #baking made an impact on your life over the last 6 months? Tell me how.

Personally, I’ve been amazed to see how many of you have shown interest in the way I talk about sourdough. I’ve got many messages over the last few months thanking me for the ebook. Things like “it’s the first book on sourdough that makes sense to me” or “baking keeps me sane” or “my family thinks I can bake now, and they love it, thank you” 😂

Thank all of you for your support! I love that these recipes are working for you and I love seeing all your photos!

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New Post!

I was on @madbaker ‘s #podcast Rise Up!

The link will be in my stories!

We chatted about baking, Italy, pizza, falling in love in Vernazza, @oonihq, and how baking gives us permission to slow down, and the impact that has.

Such a fun interview. Mark is awesome!

Give it a listen!
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New Post!


have you made it?
if yes, 👌
if no, #makethefocaccia !

this one was a little overproofed 🤷‍♂️

you can tell because the dough is too stressed when dimpled and the bubbles popped 😓

that wet towel I put on it over night was a little warm. Worst let was I knew it was too warm and should have trusted my gut. Oh well! It was still 🤤🤤

#recipe with all my #recipes

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New Post!

another overnight #autolyse experiment

this was 10 hours in the fridge, 27C going in to the fridge and 0.5C coming out of the fridge and it was just too cold. 🥶

This was:
20% whole wheat, 80% bread flour
85% water
20% peaked culture
2.5% salt

I gave it 30 minute folds for 2 hours after mixing in the culture and then 3 hourly folds, then a final shape. 6 hours from mix to proofing basket. No rest in the basket, right in the fridge for 48 hours.

I’ve now tried a bunch of different temps, all around 10 hours, including a room temp overnight autolyse. My favorite has been using a wine fridge set to 7C and putting it in at 29C.

Yes. I’ve converted a wine fridge to a dough proofing fridge 😂. And it’s awesome.

I think the final #recipe will be somewhere really close to this. Still narrowing in but I was happy with this guy.

Happy weekend everyone! In the US, happy Labor Day! Be safe!!

proofing basket: @flourside_
lame: @wiremonkeyshop
knife: @dalstrong

links to exact products and all my #recipes on my website,
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New Post!

why I love to #makethebagels in an @oonihq #pizzaoven, the crunch!

look at the bottom of that #bagel! You don’t get that in a home oven. You need HEAT!

I baked these in #koda16 with residual heat. I heated the oven on high until the stone was around 375C (700F). Then I cut the flame and launched the #bagels, a few at a time, and let them bake for about 12 minutes. I waited until the bottom was cooked and easily released from the stone.

After that I turned the flame back on and set it to low, rotating the bagels as needed to evenly brown.

Today I did both #everythingbagel and #jalapenocheddar which is my new favorite. Both were amazing.

I tried to say something clever about the bagels, but I couldn’t find the words 😂 just make them 🤤🤤

#recipe in my ebook which you can get at
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New Post!

good #pizza starts with good #bread

If your #dough isn’t good enough to top simply, you should try a new #recipe

Luckily, I’ve got one for you 🙃

Try my #sourdough #pizzadough recipe

It’s simple, easy, foolproof, and oh so tasty

Give it a try!

here I’ve done a simple olive oil base and finished with oiled and salted arugula and some fresh mozzarella

baked in my @oonihq #koda16 💁‍♂️

recipes and instructional videos:
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