about me

Hey! I’m Mike!

I’m an engineer and I love to bake. This rhsd thing started as my engineering notes when I started baking with sourdough. My notes then turned into a shared note I’d send to friends when they wanted to learn. That shared note turned into a google doc that was shared around the world. Finally, that google doc was turned into my first book (all thanks to my wife), Baking with Rosehill Sourdough.

Baking with Rosehill Sourdough was so well received that I decided to follow on with a pizza book, Pizza with Rosehill Sourdough, to really dive deep into different regional styles of pizza and the dough and baking techniques that make them different.

Every so often I’ll update the books with new recipes and techniques and those updates are offered for free to those who have purchased previous versions.  All you have to do is go back to the email you received at any time, click “download” again, and you’ll get the latest version!

It’s always been about pizza for me. I started baking with sourdough to try to improve my pizzas. I was unhappy with this underlying yeast flavor it always seemed to have, no matter how little yeast I used. After walking into a home-brew store and comparing how many types of regional liquid beer yeast you could buy (hundreds) to how many types of bread yeast that were available that the supermarket (two), it hit me over the head that the bread equivalent was sourdough, not packets of dry yeast. That was when I started researching sourdough and converted my yeasted recipes to sourdough ones. The results were incredible, almost night and day for me. The sourdough pizza was just better. No more yeasty flavors, not more upset belly. Just amazing pizza!

That discovery set me on this path. I’ve run pizza popups, consulted with pizzerias and bakeries, and was even the Head of Engineering at Ooni Pizza ovens from 2019-2022.

I’ve since decided to develop my own physical products, starting with The BreadMat, with many more to come.

It’s been an amazing journey, and I really appreciate you coming along for the ride!

I am quite active on Instagram, and you’ll also find me on Youtube and TikTok.

I’ve done podcast interviews with Mark from Rise Up!, with Eidref from What’s Good Dough, and a YouTube Live with The Bread Code. If you want to know more about me and rhsd, check ’em out.